Our philosophy


  • A network of independent, experienced, native speaker teachers who share a passion and love for languages
  • A collection of free blogs run by our network of teachers, providing free language learning materials and insights into the target language culture
  • A lateral approach to teaching and learning which encourages collaboration and sharing
  • A promise to deliver highly-effective lessons tailored to the needs of individual students
  • A conviction that language learning needs to be humanized and needs to have a cultural dimension with a strong emphasis on fun
  • A belief that languages serve as bridges in an increasingly insular world

Fav Fil 2    NOTE

  • The individual teachers are responsible for the materials they publish and for the courses they offer.
  • The copyright belongs to the teacher who publish the material.
  • The financial transaction for services is between individual students and the individual teachers. The platform/blog  itself is not liable for any refunds.